Rolling Stock

We are now accepting orders for new Railcars and Modification of existing Railcars.

Ballast, Box and Hopper Cars:

1976 220 GRL Ballast Hopper Cars for Immediate Sale
(23) Coal Hopper Cars 4200 CUFT Autoflood 5 Pocket Double Door Bottom Discharge & Rotary Couplers
(220) 5 Pocket Aluminum Hopper cars, Rotary Couplers
(140) 3 Pocket Steel Hopper Cars Manual Doors, Rotary Couplers

Flat Cars, Gondola Cars and Locomotives:

(61) 90' 61/2" Heavy Duty Flat Cars 286K GRL
(70) Aluminum Flat Floored Bethgon Coalporter Gondolas Twin Tubs
(1) SW9 Locomotive / Switcher

Sand Cars

(200) 268 GRL SAND CARS